Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Levelling Day Tomorrow

Another big guild levelling day tomorrow. As usual we will be using the RP Pack and capturing at least another one relic. We will also be empowering the captured relic(s) so all are members can easily one hit. One of are previous levelling days ended with the Top 250 Rising Stars being dominated by players from our guild.

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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Titan Defeated!

In an absolute amazing effort We Are Legends took a Tsukiyaomo Titan down. This earned us not only a great victory but also a 'Tsukiyaomos Benighted Helm'. There was only a very small number of our guild hunting the Titan so the win was even more sweet. The Helmet will be staying within the guild and wont be sold. All in all a great victory for the fastest growing guild in Fallen Sword.

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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Tamalu the War Satyr. Another New Mercenary

Wow HCS are releasing content for Fallen Sword at an alarming new rate. Here we have yet another new mercenary available to hire.

Tamalu the War Satyr (Champion)

Tamalu the War Satyr is well known for his lust for combat and war. Blowing his enchanted horn as he charges into battle will unnerve even the most fearsome of his opponents..
Level: 675

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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Earning FSP

Yes I have been actively trying to earn some FSP over the last few days. FSP yes those little purple orbs are a form of currency in Fallen Sword. You can earn gold via hunting or pvp and you can then exchange gold for FSP in the marketplace. The advantage of FSP is that it is safe from pvp'ers so even if you are attacked you will never lose your valuable FSP.

There are a number of ways to earn FSP these include completing offers, acting as a merchant, designing aviators and clearing bounties. I will go into these in more detail as my blog grows.

As ever please use the link below to join me in this fantastic free browser based game.

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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Two New Mercenaries Added

Another cracking update by Hunted Cow Studios ( HCS ) sees the release of two brand new mercenaries into the game. These mercenaries can be hired by your guild to help enhance the stats of any groups formed. Ideal for Super Elite hunting.

Destroyer the Bounty Hunter

Destroyer the Bounty Hunter believes in the law above all else, even when he knows it is wrong. He will walk through hell and back to get his man or woman. All he asks is that you pay his fee.

Vincent Lorgo, Ex Gang Member

After they leave prison Ex Gang Members like Vincent have little or no skills and are undesired in society, so many leave crime behind and start careers as mercenaries.

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New Titan released The Colossus of Gurgriss

A brand new level 700 Titan has just been released. The Colossus of Gurgriss is a level 700+ Titan. Here's the full description:

The Colossus of Gurgriss was built by a long lost war like nation in praise to the God of War Gurgriss. The Colossus was built from millions of melted down copper weapons and armor and once finished it stood so tall it almost touched the heavens. One night it was struck by lightning and came to life, The Colossus destroyed the nation that very night, some survivors saying that Gurgriss was displeased with the statue and cursed it with his rage, and it now wonders the world destroying all it comes across...

It drops a lovely Epic 'Mace Of The Colossus'.

Its Stats are:

730 attack
1325 dmg
140 stamina
+2 stamina gain
+2 xp gain

The race to be the first guild to bring this beast down was a bloody and brutal affair. The stamina used was huge but the reward as shown above was well worth it. The guild For Fracks Sake won in the end and one of their top players is proudly wearing the newly acquired weapon. Personally I cant wait for the next one to be released there is nothing as exciting as hunting a Titan.

And as always if you fancy a hunt yourself feel free to use the link below to join the best free browser based game on the net.

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Terraneus The Great

The guild I am part of in Fallen Sword is called We Are Legends or WAL for short. Are guild founder is the mighty Terraneus. He now shares top position within the game with another player. This is a feat of epic proportions. Did I mention WAL is the fastest growing guild within Fallen Sword? Well it is we have got a fantastic bunch of people from around the globe in this guild, and I am proud to be part of it. Why not pop in and say may even end up staying awhile :)

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Well done Terraneus you are truly a Legend.